Has anyone had an EMG done?

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Has anyone had an EMG done?

Messagepar lakshadvio » jeu. 19 nov. 2020 00:47

I had my first appointment with a sleep and pain mgmt doctor who training wise is a neurologist.

I kept my information to symptom description and factual etc because I'm early in the differential diagnosis stage...

But he states he wanted to pursue the sleep and pain issues separately. For the sleep side the first step is a home sleep apnea recording (which I feel is unlikely to provide any insight https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/ in my case but I know it must be done).

For the pain I'm scheduled to have an EMG on my legs. From what I understand he's going to stick conductive needles in my legs and run electric signals to monitor nerve response. My glutes/legs are my biggest complaint but I do have pain elsewhere and so I guess I am curious if any of you have done this as part of the Dx process.

From reading online, many but not all people find this test to be... Excruciating. I'm a little worried that if I am already in pain this is gonna blow me up for a while...

Any thoughts?

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