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Getting Ironing Right

Ironing seems like the most basic household chore. However, have you ever wondered if you have been doing it right? Have you given your clothes the proper ironing that they need to be wrinkle free and long lasting? Here are 6 top reviewed tips to iron like a professional!

Separate fabric types

Before starting to iron, clothes with similar fabrics should be sorted out and grouped in the same pile. Different fabrics have different heat tolerance, for instance, silks and synthetics can only tolerate low to medium heat, while cotton and linen need high heat. Ironing clothes made from similar fabric saves you time and electricity costs since you will not have to adjust the temperature as often.

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Ironing sensitive fabrics

Some fabrics need more TLC than others, like silk and polyester. Instead of ironing directly on the fabric, you can put a piece of foil underneath the garment and pass the iron lightly over the surface a few times with the steam function on. The heat is transferred to the foil which prevents the fabric from getting burnt. Another solution is using a cotton cloth, handkerchief, or a pillow case to cover the surface before pressing the iron on the fabric.


Take care of your iron

If you have a steam iron, make sure you check for mineral deposits frequently to avoid build-ups which create spots and wrinkle your garments. If synthetic fabric is accidentally melted, you should not let the iron cool down completely before removing the melted materials, as it will be stuck on the soleplate permanently. With a soft cloth or paper towel, you can carefully wipe away the melted material when the soleplate is still warm.


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Read the instruction manual

Most people ignore the instruction manual or fail to follow it thoroughly. However, following exactly what the manual recommends is valuable if you want to preserve and prolong your iron’s life. When using the appliance, users should pay attention to specifications such as the correct level of voltage or any electronic welfare shut-off functions, which are closely related to household safety.

Keep your clothes smelling good for longer

Even after using softener and fragrance dryer sheets, your clothes might lose the fresh smell quickly. The trick is to spray diluted softener on to your garments, or to drop your favorite body spray or perfume in to the water of your steam iron, then switch it on! You will get to enjoy your favorite scents on your clothes everywhere you go.

Hang clothes immediately and properly


Clothes should be hung up immediately after being ironed and allowed to sit for at least five to ten minutes before wearing to let it cool down. It is important to hang your clothes properly to preserve your work. Dress shirts should be hung on wooden or heavy plastic hangers, as thin wire hangers make points at the shoulders. The top collar button should be fastened and the yoke of the shirt or jacket should be aligned correctly. Finally, hangers should ideally be placed a few inches away from one another to avoid clothes touching and creating creases.

Final notes

For more tips and tricks, you can check out customers’ the Reviews on products Image on Amazon Prime, where real customers share how they get ironing right!
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Tu as une ESP E-II Horizon 3 FM FR BCH LH chez Thomann. Prix 2249€. Mais elle n'est pas noire.
Guitare électrique ESP gaucher + noire + E-II (M-II ou Horizon), je pense que tu vas avoir du mal à trouver avec cette combinaison en France. Mais rien n'est impossible.

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En effet, avec ces spécificités, je crois que ça va être clairement tendu pour toi de trouver le modèle que tu souhaites.
Tu peux peut-être voir sur le forum de Riffgauche. C'est une communauté de guitaristes gauchers. Ils pourront peut-être te donner un coup de main dans tes recherches.
Prenez soin de vos oreilles :

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