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Review for iRobot Roomba 980

In a busy world like the modern life of today, it is not uncommon to see vacuuming as a great way to keep our living space clean. After all, a vacuum cleaner is such a handy cleaning tool to have around just for their sheer convenience of cutting down the effort needed for those tedious cleaning duties. What used to take forever to get done can now be done in the blink of an eye with one of the Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews Image

But what if, in a hypothetical sense, that by some chance that you do not have to manually operate a vacuum cleaner anymore, and just like in a Sci-Fi world your vacuum cleaner can now be told to automatically clean the home whether you are at home or not? Very fortunately though, that dream is not so much a dream - after all such a vacuum cleaner already exists.

With a cute round body moving itself around your house while it is working and the convenience as mentioned above, here we are introducing to you, the Roomba 980 coming from the famous brand of iRobot.



When talking about robot vacuums, then the Roomba product line from the iRobot brand is probably the most iconic line of robot vacuum cleaners that comes to anyone’s mind when it comes to the best vacuum reviews. Through several trials and errors, the brand has now introduced to the world the most recent addition to the product line, and that is none other than the Roomba model 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot.

Being the newest addition to the family, of course the 980 model comes already including many of the answers to the flaws and issues of the earlier versions in the family. One such instance is the bug in the iAdapt navigation system that was troubling the earlier models as they clean in random bouncing around, instead of them being able to fully explore the house and clean while they are navigating.

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The improved navigation system also allows the 980 model to easily find its way back to the dock to recharge automatically, unlike the earlier models that are completely clueless and helpless when they are left to find their own way back by themselves. Someone might wish it could dump its own dustbin to be completely automatic! However, do take note that for this navigation system to work properly and efficiently, you need to connect it to a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection.


And if you are a pet owner who have had a robot vacuum cleaner before, then you must be aware of the hindrance of thicker and longer pet hair sometimes could tangle the brush roll of the poor robot vacuum cleaner up and stop it from working or doing its job properly. Well, you can be assured that this is a headache no more, because the 980 model comes equipped with a tangled hair extractor to ensure the robot vacuum cleaner can work properly the entire time.

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While a robot vacuum cleaner might have its pros and cons with a conventional vacuum cleaner, one thing is certain is that this Roomba 980 model will definitely remain the favorite robot vacuum cleaner for many people for a long time, even if the competition for automatic robot vacuum cleaner is ever increasing. This robot vacuum cleaner is simply too convenient for anyone to not love, and that is why it it hits all the high scores on most vacuum cleaner ratings.
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Vous avez deux possibilité pour connecter un iPod à la MPC Renaissance pour échantillonner :

- Un câble MiniJack (3,5mm) vers 2 x RCA, en positionnant le switch correspondant aux RCA à l'arrière de la MPC sur la position "LINE"
- Un câble MiniJack (3,5mm) vers 2 x Jack 6,35mm, en positionnant le switch correspondant aux Combo à l'arrière de la MPC sur la position "LINE"


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